Miss Brittany Nicole Miss Virginia USA 2011-miss va USA 2011

Miss Brittany Nicole Miss Virginia USA 2011-miss va USA 2011:

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Name:                            Brittany Nicole

Age:                                23

Hometown:                    Chester, Virginia

Previous Experience:   None
Biography:                   Brittany Nicole Poteet, "Nikki", is a 23 year old student at Virginia Commonwealth University completing her Masters in Nuclear Engineering. Nikki will earn her Graduate Degree next month and looks forward to working in her chosen field as well as promoting the importance of science and mathematics to high school students. "I would like to combine my areas of education to begin researching natural forms of cancer treatment, such as dietary changes and the use of fruit seeds containing the enzyme Amygdalin."

Nikki is the daughter of Dan and Alice Poteet of Chester, Virginia. She plays the saxophone and loves a variety of music. She earned her undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and was then accepted into the Nuclear Engineering graduate program at VCU


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